Pool Installation


The location of the swimming pool was never in doubt.  There was a slightly sunken area, presumably a vegetable garden in years gone by, in the bottom corner of the garden.  It was within easy access of the apartments. It was slightly lower, offering protection from the breeze and also providing privacy from the rest of the garden. It had good views out towards the Masseria and the garden. The backdrop of olive trees immediately makes you think of summer holidays in the Mediterranean. And more importantly, it is a perfect sun trap. Good for keeping the water warm over the main season and also good for future guests wanting to catch some sunshine.

The bad news was that it was buried under weeds, brambles and a couple of trees that were not keen on being removed. But it soon became clear that that was the easy part! 


The main issue we faced was that there was practically no soil in this part of the garden and so when we started trying to dig out the pool, we almost immediately hit solid rock.  This obviously slowed us down considerably which added a whole extra level of stress as our deadline to finish the work before our first guests arrived was already tighter than we would have liked! Thankfully, our builders seemed to thrive under the pressure - that and knowing that if the project slipped then they'd be trying to install a pool in the height of summer!


Thankfully everything was ready in time for the arrival of our first guests! A few things have changed since the pool first went in - most obviously the colour and the provision of some additional shade!