Apartments Conversion

Our vision

One of things that initially appealed to us on our first viewing of the Masseria was that it gave us an opportunity to create our own business. 

Since having children, our personal holiday requirements had changed significantly. We had found that hotels rarely provided a space that worked with children (whilst providing some privacy) and that stand-alone holiday villas were either too much like staying in someone else's home filled with precious or sentimental objects that you were terrified the kids would break, or too "cold" and impersonal. Conversely, we had had some fantastic holidays staying in small apartment complexes where the owners lived on site, there were a small number of other families staying (so the kids had other children to play with) and there was also the benefit of having a large pool.

The old stables, barns and other outbuildings gave us the opportunity to not only realise our Italian Escape but also to build the kind of complex where we would want to go on holiday. Somewhere where you had the conveniences of home, some like-minded fellow guests to chat with and access to local information and recommendations that might not appear in most guidebooks.

Our dream was born. Although maybe at the start it wasn't somewhere that would appeal to too many holiday makers!!



Used to be a barn for the cattle and horses, attached to the main Masseria building.


The other half of the cow / horse shed, with feeding troughs on the far wall.


Used to be the main barn for the sheep and goats and storing grain & equipment.


These outbuilding were originally a pig sty, storage rooms and an outside bathroom.


We think the area was a pig sty (previous owners cured their own ham) and a chicken coop.


Everyone chipped in to help - although not many were as elegantly dressed as Millie!

Most of the walls were structurally unsound so needed to be demolished...

... and then rebuilt conforming to official building standards!

The roof going back up (and not sagging!) was a big moment.

Before the interal walls went up it looked like a bowling alley!

We hope that the end result is much more appealing and that our apartments can provide an Italian Escape for all our guests - at least for their time on holiday here!!