Our Story

Our story

Masseria Giulio is a family run holiday apartments business and our family home.  We are the Allan family: Lucy (mum), Ian (dad), Millie and Freya and we moved to Puglia from England in 2015.  Our family also now includes Silver, our adorably enigmatic cat who firmly believes that she is the Queen of the Masseria, and our three dogs: Arrow (black & white), Button (black & tan) and Jarno (light brown).  As you may have noticed there is a definite F1 theme in terms of our pets - Silver Arrow (Mercedes), (Jenson) Button and Jarno (Trulli).  They are all very friendly but our dogs do live inside and are not allowed in the garden when we have guests staying as we know that not everyone is comfortable with dogs.

We are often asked why we left the UK and moved to Southern Italy - especially as we have no family ties / links to the area. This section of the site provides some insight into our Italian Escape and the journey we had transforming our ruin (the Masseria had been abandoned for 28 years before we bought it) into our place in sun.

Why Puglia?

Initial Viewing

House Renovation

Apartments Conversion

Garden Redesign

Pool Installation